Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club

CRHC Rules!

(Revised: September 2013)

General Rules:

Rabbit Rules:

- Rabbits must be healthy. New rabbits will be checked by the club founder for any health issues. Established rabbits may be checked at any time. Any rabbit found to not be healthy will not be allowed to participate.

- Rabbits must be in possession of the handler for a minimum of 1 month (30 days) before attending any CRHC event or practice.

- Rabbits with other health issues (eg. Dental issues) may come to events, but participation is at the discretion of the club founder & the decision is final.

- Rabbits that have had surgery (eg. Spay/neuter) must wait at least 14 days before they may participate. Members must notify organisers of the date the surgery took place to ensure proper recovery time.

- Only rabbits that are from the same household & get along together may be penned together. This is to prevent the spread of any disease & to prevent fighting.

- Rabbits may not be left unattended outside of their pen or cage. The handler is responsible for anything their rabbit may do while unattended. Cages or pens should be secure to prevent escaping.

- All rabbits shall be treated with respect. They shall not be picked up by the scruff; all carrying should be done so that the rabbit is fully supported.

- Rabbits must have suitable food & water available at all times.

- Rabbits will not be over run & will be given breaks when needed.

- Rabbits must be housed indoors. This is for the safety of the rabbit as well as limiting the spread of disease & parasites.

- Any handler caught abusing or mishandling their rabbit will be asked to leave the club! No Exceptions!

- Ask owner before you pet, feed, handle or otherwise interact their rabbits. Ask each time for permission.

- All rabbits should be spayed/neutered once they reach the age of maturity. (Aprox 6 months of age)

- No Breeding of rabbits! No exceptions!

Member Rules:

- The purpose of this club is to create a respectable & caring, learning environment through supervised competitions & practices. We want to see that all our members enjoy being a part of the CRHC and therefore poor sportsmanship of any kind will not be tolerated.

- All members represent the CRHC, any foul or abusive language to members, officials, the public or bunnies will NOT be tolerated!

- The club uniform consists of club shirt & black pants/shorts. Only club members in proper uniform may be on the course during events. If a member does not wear the uniform, they will not be allowed to compete. The club logo/uniform shall not be altered.

- Footwear: No open toed, slip-ons, crocs or boots. Shoes should be non skid.

- Members may not invite non-members into the course without prior permission from the club founder. This includes friends, family & members of the general public.

- Potential members are required to attend a minimum of 3 club practises before they can attend public events or demos. Anyone who does not meet the expectations of the club will not be allowed to join.

- Any club member who is under the age of 14 shall have a parent or guardian with them at all events and practises. CRHC organizers are not responsible for unsupervised minors.

- Attendance: Members who do not attend any club activities for 3 months must attend 1 practice before participating in any events as a refresher for them and their rabbit.

- The club is often under contract that we have to appear between set times, & for a certain number of rabbits to be at the event. As such, members who leave events before the club's contract time will forfeit any points gained at that event. Allowances will be made for medical emergencies (human or rabbit) or work conflicts agreed on 24 hours prior to the event date. Prior social engagements are NOT an emergency.

- Respect the equipment. If you break something, you are responsible for the costs to replace it.

- A new member should be 10 years of age or older.

On the Course:

- A maximum of 2 rabbits are allowed to be on the course at any practises or warm-ups.

- Handlers are responsible for the cleanup of their bunnies on course (& off) accidents!

- When running beside or behind your rabbit, trainers must stay on their feet & not go down to their knees as this could injure your rabbit. You may go down to your knees from a stand still position, such as in high jump when trying to encourage your rabbit to jump.

- During events & competitions, if a trainer's rabbit starts to run the course & the trainer is trying to catch it, you may block the rabbit, but do not attempt to catch the rabbit unless asked to do so by the trainer.

- At events, event times are generally posted, be back in time for your rabbit to compete. If in doubt, ask our announcer to confirm.

- Rabbits must be at least 8 weeks old to come to any event or practise. Rabbits may not do more than 4 poles in High Jump until at least 9 months of age for the safety of the rabbit.

- Do not allow the public to handle any rabbits, no exceptions.

- Rabbits must have an H Style harness to be on the course. A leash may be used at practices, but no longer at public events. This may change for any event where there is a safety concern. A trainer may ask permission for a leash to be used with certain rabbits if there is a safety concern, but this will only be considered for safety reasons, not for trainers convience. If approved, the leash MUST be held by the trainer at all times. If the leash is dropped, there will be a warning, any drops after will result in no longer being able to use the leash at that event.

- Trainers may not run with the rabbit while holding the harness. But may grab the harness to correct the rabbit if the trainer is stationary.

- Rabbits will not be directed with the feet of the handler or any other object except hands.

Time Trial Rules:

~ Time starts on a run when the rabbit's front feet touch the mats off of the pause table.

~ Time stops when the rabbit has all 4 paws on the pause box.

~ Any refusal to do an obstacle is a 5 second penalty.

~ Any pole knocked off a jump is a 2 second penalty.

~ Leaving the course is not a penalty, provided the rabbit re-enters the course at the point he left. Carrying your rabbit to this point to re-enter is ok.

~ Lifting or pushing a rabbit while on course is not allowed. There will be 1 warning for the first offense. A 5 second penalty for a second offense. A 3rd offense may result in a DQ for that run.

~ If a rabbit runs past an obstacle (while still on course) you may not carry the rabbit back to the missed obstacle.

~ If a time trial is a single run, that one run is your time. If it's two runs, times are added together. If it's three runs we take your best two times & add them together for your combined time.

~ Some time trial runs may take the form of a No Touch round where the trainer may not touch the rabbit at anytime while on the course.

~ Some may also take the form of a High Bar round where all jumps are placed on their highest poles.

~ Any poles knocked off by trainers and not rabbits is not a penalty.

~ If a rabbit during a run turns around and reverses on the course, any poles knocked off are not penalties as the rabbit has already successfully cleared those poles. However the rabbit must run back and can not carried to the point it turned around.

~ While doing the A frame & teeter totter, the rabbit must go past the half way point (A frame - the apex, teeter totter - the fulcrum) to be considered completed. If a rabbit doesn't go this far, it's not considered complete and a penalty will be assessed.

Side by Side Elimination & Criss Cross Rules:

~ This is a head to head race with another rabbit. There is no time element.

~ The race starts when the starter says "GO". Race ends when the lead rabbits feet touch down on the mat on the final obstacle.

~ There are no time penalties for knocked off poles, however they must do every obstacle. If a rabbit misses an obstacle, they must go back and complete that obstacle before continuing or that rabbit will be disqualified for that race. The rabbit may not be carried back to the missed obstacle.

~ Races may be single race, best 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 5. Winning rabbit moves on to the next round, losing rabbit is eliminated.

~ While doing the A frame & teeter totter, the rabbit must go past the half way point (A frame - the apex, teeter totter - the fulcrum) to be considered completed. If a rabbit doesn't go this far, it's not considered complete and the rabbit must go back and complete it before advancing.

High Jump / Long Jump Rules:

~ High jumps are run like a human high jump, with the 3 fouls and you're out rule. A foul is when any pole is knocked off the jump.

~ Competition will start at 3 poles, it will proceed when all competitors have either cleared the height or fouled out.

~ Poles will continue to be added as long as competitors are successful.

~ Winner shall be the competitor that clears the most poles successfully.

~ In the case of a tie, (eg. The last two rabbits both foul out at 5 poles), winner shall be the competitor with the fewest fouls entering the final round. If there is still a tie, rabbit recieving their fouls later in the competition shall be the winner. If there is still a tie, a jump off will take place. Jump Off Rules: All rabbits tied for a placing shall compete in the jump off. Jump off shall start at 3 poles & rabbits iwll alternate turns. If a rabbit is unsuccessful at a height & it's competitors are successful, then that rabbit is eliminated. This will continue until one rabbit remains, that rabbit will be declared the winner. Sudden Death: If all final rabbits foul at the same height, a jump off will to go sudden death. Then the rabbit knocking off the fewest bars wins.

~ Competitors have 30 seconds to complete an attempt. If no attempt is made after 30 seconds, it is considered a foul.

~ If a competitor balks it is not a foul, assuming it is still within the 30 seconds allowed and has not knocked off any poles. They may back up to any point and attempt again.

~ If a rabbit touches a bar but it does not fall off it's original cup, it is not a foul.

~ If a trainer knocks pole off, it is not a foul.