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* March 18, 2016
SAIT Newsfile by Darian Magee.

* December 2015
Effective December 15, 2015 all monthly practices and hoppy hours will be held at the Braeside Community Hall.

* September 2014
From September 12-14 Ms. Mayumi Yoshimura & her assistant visited from Japan to learn how to train rabbits for rabbit agility. They attended our Friday night practice, then the year end event at the Chestemere Country Fair, then we went for lunch on sunday & took them shopping. They took back mats & a number of jumps so they could start their club! It was a great trip for all, we look forward to seeing updates on how she is doing with her rabbits back home.

* August 30 & 31, 2014
We held the second Canadian interclub (The CRHC & the Vancouver Rabbit Agility Club) rabbit hopping competition on at the Interior Provincial Exhibition & Stampede in Armstrong, B.C.

* October 15, 2013
Amanda along with Dr. Leticia Materi's appearance on Critter Care.

* August 30, 2013
Amanda's segment on Alberta Primetime aired!

* March 2013
To our knowledge, we held the first Canadian interclub (The CRHC & the Vancouver Rabbit Agility Club) rabbit hopping competition on April 20, 2013 at the Harmonious Homestead & Ewe in Salmon Arm, B.C.

* March 22, 2013
Appearance by Amanda & Dr. Kerry Korber (Avian & Exotics Pet Hospital) will appear on Breakfast TV.

* August 25 & 26, 2012
The club performed at the Vancouver Pacific National Exhibition!

* March 30, 2012
It's confirmed! We will be performing at the Vancouver National Exhibition on August 25 & 26, 2012!

* March 5, 2012
We were recently seen on CANADA'S GOT TALENT!
Interesting CGT facts: In September over 3000+ auditioned in Edmonton for the show! Out of those, 80 made it to the stage in Calgary on October 18 & 19, 2011. From those 80, we were one of only 18 shown on TV on March 5, 2012!

* January 2012
The club is in the process of looking into booking a location in the Cochrane area for monthly practices. This means members will have an opportunity to attend 2 practices a month as well as being more convient for all the Cochrane members!

* October 16, 2011
The episode of Paul Brandt's Build It Forward which was filmed at the Calgary Pet Expo aired! You can see Alana & Kokomo, Terry & Kindrey in the clip! Click here to watch the clip!

* September 2011
Radio commercials for the Lethbridge Pet Expo on October 1, 2011.
Click to listen.
Click here to listen to #1
Click here to listen to #2

* September 14, 2011
Some members from the club went to Edmonton & auditioned for Canada's Got Talent!

* July 23, 2011
Meet the stars page is totally redone, new photos & photo effects! Meet the trainers link added!

* July 12, 2011
The club has revised the club rules. Please make sure to look them over as they are effective as of today!

* June 19, 2011
The club is looking into the possibility of doing a small localized tour of the U.S. If we can set up some competitions in Washington, Montana, Oregon & Idaho, we'd like to take about a week & a half to do this in late June, early July 2012!
If you or your club is in any of these states & might be interested in taking part in & helping us set this up please contact Rosemarie & we'll see what we can arrange!

* June 2011
Some of the CRHC rabbits will be featured in an upcoming movie! The name of the movie is "Betsy Ross Is Dead". It's a comedy about a rabbit-hopping rabbit who only jumps when she feels like it, but who happens to have a stage mother for a trainer who thinks she owns a very gifted rabbit. The film is due to be completed on June 24, 2011. To read more, click here. Movie produced by Maura Feeney & Daniel Quitério. Inspired by a True Story. Seriously.....

* May 24, 2011
Amanda recorded a radio commercial for the 4-H Southpaws advertising our rabbit hopping for 1140 AM!
Click to listen.

* May 2011
CRHC has a new Sponsor! Critters Pets & Supplies!

* May 14, 2011
The club finally has a trailer to transport equipment in!

* From: Karla Murphy, Sent: Friday, April 22, 2011
Thought I would sent you a note to pass on to the Southpaws rabbit hopping group. We have a very sick child who has been in the hospital for a very long time and will continue to be there while we wait for a heart transplant. Last evening we had the pleasure of stopping in to see the hopping club in action. Not only did the 4H members and their adults expose us all to something that I did not know existed, they also provided a wonderful fun, carefree period of time. How appropriate that they took time from what is a very busy time of the year to engage with others at the Alberta Children's Hospital during this Easter period. I have always been proud of and knew the value of participating in 4H for our children. Last night I saw the value and and was proud of the program from an outsider point of view. Thanks Southpaw for being so patient, letting us touch your rabbits, enjoy your hard work and learn something at the same time. Your generosity of spirit did not go unnoticed.
Karla Murphy-Kemp
(Former 4-H Mom)

* The CRHC is now doing a club Newsletter! If you would like to view past newsletters, click on the link to the left. If you would like to submit to us to have something put into the newsletter, please email it to Rosemarie at

* The new 2011 CRHC Calenders are here! Check out the Store link for details on how you can get yours!

* We've just added a couple new links to the website! We now have links for our Hopping Videos, Training Videos, TV Clips & Behind the Scenes Videos!

* On November 1, 2010 we were contacted by a gentleman who is working at an Event Management Agency in Hong Kong. They are preparing for a festive event for a shopping mall in Chinese New Year. He was quite interested to know more about our club & to see if we might be interested in performing in Hong Kong in February 2011.
The CRHC unfortunately had to decline this amazing opportunity due to the strict quarantine regulations coming back into Canada.