Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club

Join the Club!

One of the more common questions asked is, How do I join your club?

- The first thing a potential member needs to do is look at our event calender and find out when our next practice is.

- New members are required to attend 3 practices before attending any public event.

- The practices give the person time to understand the club rules as well as train their rabbit how to hop through the course properly.

- The rabbits must be at least 8 weeks of age before attending any practice or event.

- You must own the rabbit a minimum of 1 month before bringing it to any prictice or event. (This goes for all new rabbits joining the club.)

- All rabbits must be transported in a travel safe carrier with food & fresh water.

- Rabbit harnesses are required. The club uses the H Style harnesses. (Kitten harnesses can be purchased at Walmart.)

- A new member should be 9 years of age or older.

- There are no fee's to join the club. However once a member joins, they are required to purchase a club shirt to wear at all public events. (Aprox $32)