Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club

How to Building Agility Equipment

Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club

Standard Jumps:

Directions for building this jump, by Kate:

Supplies: 2 5X7 bases, 2 stands (1X2" and the height you want), 4 3ft dowels, 4 1.5" screws (screws may need to be longer depending on how thick the bases are). You will also need 8 1/2" screws and 8 film canisters for jump cups. If you are doing a taller jump, the bases may need to be larger.

Find the centre of the base and mark where the screws go. Drill holes and screw though into the stand part.

Base and stand screwed together. It's a good idea to paint before putting the jump cups on. Use painters tape if doing more than one colour.

Painting the poles. I used another jump to hold the up while drying.

Jump cup. Measure where you want them, then drill short hole. Screw in cup. The bars for this jump are 3" apart. To make a jump cup, cut about 1/2 of the side of a film canister leaving the end intact. Drill hole in the centre for the screw.

Below, more of the same type jump, just different variations of size & color.

Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club

Pause Box:

4" High
12" x 12" Square for the top

Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club

A Frame:

2 Heavy duty hinges
2 Boards 11" x 24" x 1"
2 Small hooks
Finishing nails
62" long 1/4" heavy chain
2 Screws small enough to go through chain link with head of screw stopping chain from coming off.
Non slip rubber floor runner cut to fit.

Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club

The Bunny Walk:

3 feet long
11 inches wide
1 foot long for each ramp on each end
3 wood slats (grips) on each end ramp
4 Heavy duty hinges
Non slip rubber flooring
Chain on each side

Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club

The Teeter Totter:

3 foot long
11 inches wide
3 (grip) slats on each end
(2) 4 1/2" wide tubing (measuring the circle, across for height)

Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club

The Hoop Jump:

The hoop jumps were purchased at Castle Toys here in Calgary. They cost $19.99 ea. Made by Beamo.
We just made a stand to hold the hoop so it stands up properly.

Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club

The Tunnel:

The tunnels used in the CRHC were purchased from JYSK here in Calgary. They cost around $12

Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club